About Us

It all started with a simple idea: To take the pain out of typing. In 1992, as an engineering graduate student, our CEO had a mild case of carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful tingling in hands and fingers, due to typing. Imagine trying to have a career as a programmer--or any other career that utilizes computers for that matter--when typing causes constant pain.

If finger and wrist motion was the cause of this pain, a keyboard to eliminate those repetitive motions should surely help. After months of research, the idea of the Texter was born. 

Today the technology behind the Texter is used in several of our commercial products including the orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard and in Joystix Pro. And although it was developed for people who had carpal tunnel syndrome, it is now being used by thousands of people across many different use cases. We continue to improve the product and our research. As a result, we have received numerous industry awards for innovation, some of them very prestigious.

Fairly recently, this two dome method of typing and mousing has found its way into the video game world as well. Early in our research, there was no reason to think that typing with bowls using your hands couldn't be shrunk down to work equally well or better using your thumbs. What we found out? It not only works--it works well.

Born from the orbiTouch, the patented Texter technology originally took the form of an intermediary piece of hardware between gaming consoles and their respective controller, and gave the user the ability to type using their controller. We quickly noticed that many Texter units were being sold to PC gamers for use with World of Warcraft. Because most video game controllers have two joysticks, they have a built-in keyboard and mouse using our software.

Now with the adoption of VR at many companies, from enterprise to small businesses, we see the need for the Texter more than ever. Being tied down by a physical keyboard or mouse while trying to use a VR headset is not only difficult when sitting it is also impossible in a room scale experience.The Texter technolgoy allows every VR headset paired with a controller to be used as a full keyboard and mouse replacement. 



Our Projects


orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard

The genesis of the Texter technology: the orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard. A full 128 key keyless keyboard and mouse for Windows, Mac, Linux, and any other device with a USB port. Great for people with limited hand motion or those with special needs and other disabilities.


Joystix Pro

joystix Pro allows people to use their game controllers, such as an Xbox One controller, on any PC game that does not include controller support natively.  With a very strong focus on ease of use Joystix Pro users are able to get going in their favorite games without any time spent customizing controls.


VR Texter

The latest adaptation of our texter technology. The VR Texter is our typing solution in a world where the very idea of a keyboard and mouse no longer apply. As more and more headsets are created and the adoption rates of these headsets increase the demand for productivity and user interaction is only going to increase. The VR Texter enabled everyone to type quickly and easily in a VR environment.