The Texter™ allows the joysticks of your game controller to perform the same functions as a full keyboard for in-game and online messaging and chatting. The Texter™ provides an alternative to annoying on-screen and USB keyboards. With the Texter™, there is nothing in the way and nothing to pick up or put down. It’s an easy to use, fast, and accurate controller-typing method.

The two joysticks type everything you'll find on a regular keyboard. You have complete control over the ring size and location on the monitor screen.

Here’s how it works...

The Texter™ is a simple two ring typing method that appears right on the monitor of your PC. Each joystick moves into one of eight zones as indicated by the inner black rings. A ball travels inside this ring to show you where your joystick is positioned.

  • Both joysticks must be moved to type a character.
  • Joysticks can be moved at the same time or one at a time.
  • Move the left joystick to the middle of the zone that contains the character you want--no need to aim directly at the character.
  • The colors around the right joystick select the character to be typed on the right. The character typed always matches the color shown in the left ring.
  • Sliding the right joystick to the red zone and the left joystick to the center of the a thru e zone types the letter ‘a’.